Pedro Rodriguez


Executive Chef Pedro Rodriquez began his culinary career in Michelin-starred restaurants in his native Spain focusing on Mediterranean Fine-Dining and Creative Contemporary Cuisine. He later worked in Qatar and before joining the team at Zazen was the Executive Chef at Islero Restaurant in Bangkok, a highly regarded contemporary Spanish restaurant.

He was born and raised in Navalvillar De Pela in Extremadura, a region in the south of Spain. The cuisine of the region is noted for its traditional roots and simplicity. It is also a cuisine that reflects a generous spirit; many of the dishes are cooked in large pots to share with visitors, friends and neighbours. As a child this is where his love of food began.

Spanish cuisine is at the forefront of modern culinary arts. One of the most recent trends both in Spain and internationally is actually a nod to the past; a revaluing of flavours, ingredients and traditional recipes that promise comfort, excellence and mouth-watering dishes from Spain’s greatest culinary regions. Chef Pedro’s experience and expertise will be more than evident in all the dishes at Zazen Restaurant.

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