Sathit Muangprom


“The thing I most wanted to do was be an architect,” says chef Sathit Muangprom. “I always wanted to create something special, something that would stand out.” He then discovered he also loved cooking. However, he didn’t choose one dream over another. He combined both and the result is 9GEMS Lounge Restaurant. Both the architecture and design of the restaurant are all his creation and are impressive in their own right. And what you eat here is equally as good, making this a dining experience to remember.

Sathit has had plenty of cooking experience. He originally learned in Thailand, where he began providing dinners for his brothers and sisters, but then went to Europe. After spending two decades in Switzerland, where he learned European cuisine, plus traveling all over the world, it’s not surprising his tastes are very eclectic.

“My favorite dishes,” he says, “are fusion tandoori chicken salad and Home-made potato gnocchi. I also love Thai-style sea-bass with chili and basil. I make lots of Italian dishes as well as French patisserie. I’m not one for ready-made food from a shop – I prefer to make everything by myself.”

Sathit is a great believer in multi-culturalism and aims for his food to be like the restaurant he’s built and designed – a combination of both Thai and European. With both quality design and food, he’s succeeded in combining very different creative dreams.

9Gems Lounge Restaurant
Tel: 077 256 125