Italian food is well known around the world, from pizza to pasta, almost everybody has tasted the delight of Italian cuisine.

Most of the time many people who are traveling will not experience really authentic Italian cuisine the way it was intended to be prepared. That is why I have compiled the top four best Italian restaurants in Koh Samui. Whether you are a local like me or are just traveling through Samui, these are the must try Italian restaurants of the island!


[place name=”Prego Italian Restaurant, 84320, Thailand”]

Recently opened in 2003, head Chef Marco Boscaini, has led Prego into a long-standing and local Italian restaurant favorite. Using only the best Italian recipes and only prepared with the freshest ingredients. There is no surprise that Prego’s scrumptious cuisines perfectly compliment any wine pairing for an enjoyable dining experience.

Specializing in genuine Italian cuisine, Prego has various Italian classics and highly recommended dishes like the burrata cheese on marinated tomatoes, freshly imported Australian Angus beef, wood-fired pizzas, and absolutely delicious desserts like the tiramisu.

Though the best part of dining with Prego is savoring the authentic taste of Italian food for a very reasonable price. Often the restaurants in Samui are overpriced, but Prego focuses on Italian favorites as well as affordability for all guests.

While dining in Prego, no details will go unnoticed in this casual yet relaxing and spacious dining experience. Featuring their “Build Your Own Pizza”, where there are 40 different combinations to make your perfect Italian masterpiece(Contact  077 300 306, 077 300 317)

Marzano Pizzeria

[place name=”Marzano Pizzeria, 84320, Thailand”]

There’s nothing quite like biting into a freshly baked pizza from the oven. When you dine at Marzano Pizzeria, the Italian cuisine is nothing less than amazing. This is where conventional Italian pizza is freshly prepared every day for anyone craving a delightful cuisine in Koh Samui.

Marzano Pizzeria is generally considered the finest pizza in Samui. Using the most succulent tomatoes, homemade cheeses, savory meats, and only the freshest basil. Marzano Pizzeria is completely devoted to creating the world famous Neapolitan-style pizza.

Their bread is freshly baked daily, while their meats are imported and hand picked by Marzano’s own in-house chef. Making Marzano Pizza a newly popular and very common favorite of locals and tourists all over the world. (Contact 077 231 546-9)


[place name=”Olivio, 84320, Thailand”]

Located on the beautiful seascape of Chaweng Bay, Olivio is surrounded by tropical palm trees and cooled by a refreshing afternoon and evening breeze.

Olivio offers traditional Italian cuisine with a Thai twist. Meals are prepared by some of the finest Thai chefs in Koh Samui, who only use the freshest and most exceptional ingredients available.

Olivio’s attention to the setting is made to make their guests feel as if you are dining in a Sicilian trattoria. The authentic experience at Olivio undoubtedly has the right amount of style to make you feel as if you were in Italy.

Their absolutely mouth-watering cuisines are known to change daily and have brilliant menu choices such as homemade fettuccine served with salmon and saffron cream sauce, pumpkin soup with cream cheese, and calzone pizzas. If you are looking for traditional Italian cuisine with a twist, I would highly recommend Olivio as your first choice! (Contact 077 231 500-8)

Dr. Frogs

[place name=”Dr Frogs, 84320, Thailand”]

Dr. Frogs has risen among one of the most exclusive Italian restaurants of Samui for all the right motives.

Lunch is an unhurried event surrounded by a vivid picturesque seascape to perfectly compliment any meal. But our favorite is their all-day menu that features dishes that are really tempting, delightful, and new!

But where Dr. Frogs truly shines is with their outstanding pizzas by recreating pizza on a whole with their fresh ingredients and original recipes.

The truth is, their pizzas are undoubtedly incredible! Some of the must-try dishes we would recommend, would be the marvellous Pizza Tartufata with fresh mozzarella, truffle oil, plum tomato sauce and smoked pancetta.

Or their White Pizza with Phuket Lobster, onions, sun dried rucola salad and tomatoes. Bite into one of these heavenly cuisines and it just might leave speechless. (Contact 077 448 505, 093 620 1517)

While on holiday be sure to check out the best Italian restaurants in Koh Samui for an authentic taste of Italy. Also if you enjoyed this review please take a quick read on our homepage for future articles and the best restaurant guide available on Koh Samui!

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