Scenery is often taken for granted and not fully full appreciated the way it should be. For those who love to gaze into the crystal clear oceans, vast mountain ranges, and lusciously green fields while enjoying your favorite cuisine, then this article is especially you.

Today, I will review and suggest the best restaurants in Koh Samui with absolutely stunning scenery that nature and food lovers cannot miss!


Banyan Tree’s signature restaurant, Saffron, located in beautiful Koh Samui is devoted to traditional Thai cuisine with a breathtaking setting.

The exclusive flavors and techniques are remarkable and bring a fresh significance to traditional Thai food. Saffron’s personal motto being, “An eclectic combination of Southeast Asian flavors to tempt the most discerning of tastes.”

Currently holding an impressive rating of 4.5/5 on Tripadvisor, making Saffron easily one of the finest eateries in Samui by far.

Guests appreciate a genuinely enjoyable time overseeing the magnificent view of Lamai beach. While browsing through an extensive menu helps add a near perfect experience.

Saffron strives to give their guests comfort, which in turn makes your seclusion perfect for an intimate evening or your family gathering. (Contact: 077 915 333)

Dining on the Rocks

With a stunning view of Samrong Bay, Dining on the Rocks is a unique dining restaurant showcasing their fusion of Asian cuisines.

The beautiful evening sunset is the perfect time to enjoy your dinner. Dining on the Rocks has a truly phenomenal 270-degree view of the Samrong Bay with their exceptional terrace seating.

Dining on the Rocks first gained international popularity because of its gastronomic cuisines. With new chef Mark Krueger, a fusion of Asian cuisines has been taken to the next level. Meals are striking tasty as they are visually appealing.

At Dining on the Rocks, guests can enjoy a delicious treat for their eyes and appetites.Beautifully located at Six Senses Hotel, Dining at the Rocks showcases their every day fresh and local ingredients to create popular meals to leave you wanting more! (Contact: 077 245 678)

Jahn Restaurant

Sitting atop of a cliff, Jahn Restaurant has a fantastic view overlooking the Southwest Oceanside of Koh Samui. Its dining room fills with warm and cozy harmonious colors. Guests may also enjoy outside patio seats for ocean view encounter that is graphic.

Immerse yourself in a warm and relaxing atmosphere where you are able to dine inside while savoring the real flavor of Thai cuisines and enjoy an extraordinary setting. Mixing together classic and modern culinary techniques to create truly unique yet traditional dishes to be appreciated by all. (Contact: 077 915 888)

Full Moon

The restaurant’s emphasis is on French-Mediterranean food yet also specializing in internationally acclaimed cuisines.

Overall the environment is outstanding, the meat selections are of unbeatable quality, and there is a complete wine list to perfectly compliment any choice of food.

The reason behind his amazing selections of beef was focused on the principles of buying from the best possible breeds, origins, and cuts. As for fish, diners are equally scrumptious in regards to quality and choice.

Full Moon’s recommended seafood dishes include Kingfish from Australia, freshly caught turbot from France & Spain, and lobster and squid freshly caught from Phuket.

Full Moon‘s direction is straightforward by providing the finest quality of food selections combined with your choice of savory sauces and side-dishes, and immerse in Full Moon’s stylish surroundings. (Contact: 077 428 300)

The Dining Room

Secluded in gorgeous Lamai, The Dining Room offers an extraordinary selection of French-Mediterranean cuisine for any romantic setting. The Dining Room is an elegant yet casual dining experience enclosed in a golden glow of candlelight served with only the finest of French cuisines.

Presenting a modern take on traditional French cuisine with an extensive menu, including five and seven-course tasting menus and exquisite wine pairings.

The extraordinary wine list along with a wide selection of cigars awaits their honored guests. So pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and enjoy our ‘dining room’. (Contact: 077 233 020)

These restaurants were merely a glimpse of Koh Samui’s stunning scenic views it has to offer. If you have any other restaurants on Koh Samui that are worth viewing and dining, please feel free to email us!

As for this review, if you enjoyed this article please follow us for more updated information about the best restaurants in Koh Samui!

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