Romantic Dining Under A Canvas of Stars

A really cool dining place that has been getting raves for its uniqueness and amazing food is Dining on the Rocks. This is currently one of Samui’s must-visit dining places and is a hit among foodies because of its beautiful setting that is without a doubt a tribute to nature. Located in Samrong Bay, this is Six Senses Hideaway Samui’s pride and joy. The restaurant is accessible and can be found easily.

The ideal time to visit Dining on the Rocks is just before sunset where one could really appreciate the drama of the restaurant’s layout. The place takes pride in its 270 degrees view of the sea and features an intricate work of platforms and terraces that are linked together by elegant walkways. Because there are only a few tables per area, the restaurant has an innate romantic and intimate ambience.

It’s the perfect retreat for a romantic rendezvous or lively celebration with family and friends

romantic dining at dining on the rocks samui

The view at Dining on the Rocks is phenomenal. One can see Koh Phangan on the left, while a secluded bay can be viewed from the right. You’ll surely be in awe no matter where you look. The dining place is all about exotic minimalism. The dominant material of the interior is wood, mainly bamboo and teak giving the place a very naturalistic feel. Guests have a choice between the usual chair-table dining or perhaps have a more relaxing and casual meal as they find their place on one of the lounge chairs.

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dining on the rocks six senses samui

Of course Dining on the Rocks is also very popular because of its gastronomic offerings. The restaurant was known to offer New Asian Cuisine during its early years. Now, the food has been taken to the next level with the arrival of a new head chef, Mark Krueger. The familiar Asian favorites have been tweaked and given new twists so that foodies can find new appreciation for them. The bold flavors and the brilliant presentations tickle the customer’s palate as well as their imagination.

The food is both delicious and visually appealing, truly a treat for the heart and the eyes.

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Dining on the Rocks at Six Senses Samui showcases fresh, local ingredients where popular recipes are reconstructed to be visually and texturally appealing.

romantic dining under a canvas of stars at dining on the rocks

Overall, Dining on the Rocks is a good choice for those adventurous eaters who always want to try something new. With its enchanting tropical setting and new take on food, this is a restaurant worth writing home about. Because of its popularity, the place has caught the attention of both Marie Claire and Elle and is consistently named by local magazines as one of the best on the island..
dining on the rocks samui romantic restaurant
Dining on the Rocks opens at 6:00 pm and is open until the place empties.

For more information, visit and to make a reservation, please call +66 7724 5678.