Unmissably Good: The Butler’s at The Tongsai Bay: A Chef’s Table Experience

The Butler’s at The Tongsai Bay

Dining at The Butler’s is an unusually epicurean experience, even by Samui’s standards. It’s set in the heart of the magnificent gardens at The Tongsai Bay, which is well-known for its ecological soundness. As you step down through the garden towards The Butler’s, don’t be surprised if you come across birds you’ve never seen before – there are some sixty different species that make their home here. The food reflects the naturalness of the surroundings; as many of the ingredients used are organic, with some coming from the resort’s various gardens. Seafood and meats are top quality; nothing has been spared to make your time at The Butler’s a fantastic one.

The Butler’s at The Tongsai Bay

Make a reservation to avoid disappointment; it’s certainly necessary if you have any food allergies or wish to eat vegetarian food as you’ll need to give the chef time to prepare for you. The restaurant has seating for just twenty guests and is open from 7 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays only. (Older children are welcome but due to the length of the dinner, it’s probably not suitable for younger children.) Deliciously intimate and set amongst trees and verdant foliage with views of the sea, The Butler’s is wonderfully atmospheric.

The Butler’s is a chef’s table experience. The menu consists of either a five or seven course dinner, with choices for each course. It’s a time to be savored, not rushed and you’ll want to linger long. The menu isn’t fixed but is themed around Pan-Asian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Start with an amuse bouche then there’s a choice of hot and cold appetizers – think along the lines of Hokkaido scallops and seared Atlantic salmon. And to follow main courses with prime meats and fresh fish, all cooked to perfection. Finally, there’s the option of having wines with every course and these are specially paired to go with each dish. The wines are notably good and really do match the food. They come from various sources the world over. Goat’s cheese with guava and rosemary bread or a selection of desserts are the tasty finale to the evening here.

Chef Eak and his team

For long evening of great food, The Butler’s will definitely spoil you. The fact that it’s set in an idyllic, green resort, known for its beauty, makes it all the better.

The Tongsai Bay
Tel: 077 913 750