The word ‘Thai cuisine’ is very gruesome. It is definitely a big word. It is a massive variety of dishes representing the achievement from hundreds of year in culture and tradition, a lifetime it would take in order to be a Thai cuisine specialist. How can a single meal be able to show just a slant glimpse of it?

beyond the sea beach restaurant koh samui

As a visionary and a gastronomist, Khun Omapatt Nuntapanish, our General Manager thought of his trip to Andalucía, Southern Spain and Tapas menu in Seville impressed him greatly as he was able to know Andalucía much better in a single meal.

Adopted and adapted, here comes our Thai Tapas menu, after months of tasting and uncountable sessions of development, now it is ready to be launched. Tantalizing and well-presented our Thai Tapas menu has more than 10 Tapas to offer our guests from Scallop in Green Curry, Thai Paella or Thai Calamari.

beyond the sea koh samui beach restaurant

After a hot, long and intense meal of Thai cuisine and if a sweet ending is what you are looking for, we highly recommend you bakery from After You, Bangkok’s most famous boulangerie, Almost identical as in Bangkok but slightly better, no long cues plus we serve a special cake designed only for ShaSa and to be served only at BEYOND THE SEA, Siamese Brasserie.

beyond the sea restaurant

No disrespect to Bangkok but it seems to be impossible for any city views to beat ShaSa’s glorious panoramic sea view. Under Samui blue sky, modern-designed BEYOND THE SEA is located on Leam Set which is known to be the most peaceful, and the best preserved beach in Samui.

beyond the sea samui

BEYOND THE SEA, Siamese Brasserie opens daily from morning for breakfast continues to ShaSa sunny afternoon and besides sweets from After You, BEYOND THE SEA also pampers its guests by finest coffee, special blends from the selected Starbucks coffee beans. As the night falls, imported wines and champagnes which are well-selected by Khun Omapatt are ready to be served.