Authentic Thai & Southern Thai Cuisine

While in Koh Samui, it is a must to try some of the island’s notable Thai restaurants. For those who are looking for a more traditional fare and familiar flavors from home, one of the restaurants worth trying is Krua Bophut. This is among the pride of the Fisherman’s Village and if it is local food and a fine dining experience that you like, you won’t be disappointed here. Located at the far western portion of the beach, Krua Bophut boasts a relaxing tropical setting and a convenient parking space, which is a plus since it is quite challenging to find an available parking slot in the area. Its elaborate entrance will make anyone feel welcome and think of a promising meal ahead.

krua bophut thai restaurant fisherman village

The main dining area is actually a traditional inspired Thai house that features antique furnishings, deep toned wood, high ceilings, and interesting home accents. The impressive collection of antique décor like the old gas lamps, radios, and telephones, add a charming appeal to Krua Bophut. This part of the restaurant truly captures the essence of old school Thailand and is where most patrons prefer to dine. It has seats for 56 people and is a reflection of true understated elegance.

beachfront dining krua bophut samui

Guests who prefer an al fresco dining atmosphere can choose to have their meal at the terrace. This 44-seater area is the ideal focal point to gaze at the beach and feel the breeze, while still feeling the intimacy and the coziness offered by the restaurant’s interiors. Krua Bophut also has an available dining area that is set right at the beach. Diners who want a natural beach setting will feel right at home here and can savor the restaurant’s dishes while being enveloped in the tranquil ambience.

Krua Bophut features a Southern Thai menu and takes pride in the fact that all the dishes are prepared the traditional way.

Fresh seafood, potent spices and herbs, and farm grown greens are the stars of the majority of their dishes. Purists who prefer Thai food at its best will certainly enjoy it here.

krua bophut dinner on the beach

Classical Thai music can be enjoyed here three times weekly. As for the menu, everything is good. Tom Yum Goong, which is Thailand’s most popular soup, is among the standouts in the menu. This spicy and sour prawn soup is all about great flavors and relaxing warmth that will comfort your soul in every possible way. The great news is that you can adjust the spiciness level according to preference.

krua bophut thai food koh samui

Be sure to mention it as you order. Another particular favorite is the Green Curry with chicken and eggplant. This is a hearty dish that is all about the balance of flavor and the rich aroma of spices. The stir fried snapper is also a hit and is a well received dish among the patrons as well. For those who love sweets, don’t miss out on the coconut ice cream and the banana fritters. Both are delicious and are great ways to end a nice meal.

RESERVATION: 077 430 030 or 077 245 035
Fisherman’s Village Bophut Beach, Koh Samui
16/16 Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, ailand email: [email protected]