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Over the last few years Thai cuisine has grown in popularity throughout the years and there are many kinds of vegetables used in Thai cuisine. This is why people love it, and many dishes are based on curry and include various veggies. Thai green curry is one of the first things that come to mind when people think of Thai food, but there are many dishes that are available.

Small quantities of meat and fat are usually used in Thai cuisine. This means that people in Thailand are consuming low amounts of fat when compared to those who live in the West. In fact, this also means they don’t consume as many calories.

One benefit of Thai cuisine is that a lot of the ingredients include herbs, veggies and spices. Not just that, but the main ingredients provide a good balance. Furthermore, Thai dishes differ in taste, which means you get to enjoy a unique flavor with each Thai dish you eat.

In the UK, people have taken to Thai food. In matter of fact, more and more Thai restaurants are opening up all around the country. However, there are a few things that make a Thai dish a true Thai dish.

One of those things is flavor, and a Thai dish usually contains 3-4 flavors. The ingredients used in a dish are balanced, which means you can rest assure you will have a delicious meal. A good example of this is that egg plants tend to have a bitter taste, but when they are used in dishes, it can actually reduce the hotness and greasiness of the dish, which is good for those who don’t like greasy or overly hot food.

The flavor that Thai food is known for comes from what is added to it, which are herbs and spices. The natural ingredients create excellent flavors, and you will love the smells they create. Not only do Thai dishes taste great, but restaurants tend to use only fresh ingredients when they make them, and these ingredients help to create the perfect Thai dish, and if you have never tried Thai food, then you should head to your nearest Thai restaurant as soon as possible.