Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender


Conair Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender Review: Everyone enjoys a cool milkshake or smoothie, but, as fun as milkshakes are they can be time consuming to construct. You have to drag out the blender and glasses to pour the shakes into, but what if you had a gadget that did that in its own self-container?

Think of the time you’d save not to mention the fun you’d have wielding a powerful blender ‘stick’ as opposed to flipping a blender switch.

Health Benefits

An immersion blender allows you to create homemade sauces and soups where you control the ingredients, without the added salt, sugar and preservatives that come in store bought products.

How it Works

The versatile Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Hand blender has arrived and it’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

Along with its own 16 ounce mixing beaker, this gadget is capable of a lot, as well as notoriety for being the guy or gal in the neighborhood who entertains the kids with playful banter while pouring delectable shakes into sippy cups, after whipping up delectable cool fruit smoothies with the latest in 2-Speed Smart Stick Blenders that obviously has a lot of possibilities.

Conair Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed


  • 200 watt motor featuring both high and low speed modes
  • Operates with one touch
  • Slick stick design, making it themost accommodating handheld blender on the market
  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Built in grooves for a better grip and control
  • Detachable blending shaft that is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Comes with 16 ounce beaker that is dishwasher safe
  • Cleanup is easy
  • Making shakes or smoothies or fancy beverages will help your social life because you’ll soon be the toast of the town

The design is simple and the results always satisfying. Enjoy the sleekest ever blender stick manufactured by one of the most reputable names in the business, Cuisinart.

This kitchen tool sports a variety of cool colors or the classic elegant brushed chrome. It’s equipped with a powerful yet quiet motor and two speeds for those times when you need a little power or a lot.

The possibilities are many as you can mix a sauces and soups right it the pot, a cake batter or whipped cream in a bowl, or homemade lemonade in a pitcher.

The Cuisinart smart stick blender is the perfect ingredient for the best results. And not only is the price competitive, cleanup is a breeze.

The Benefits of Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

No one wants to hear this but you’re going to hear it again. You’re getting older. You’re not as active as you used to be and yet you still want to consume as many calories as you did when you were more active and burning calories throughout the day like you were sixteen, but now that you’ve slowed down have you been able to pinch an inch?

Are your love handles out of control? It’s so easy to put weight on but a real struggle to get it off.

Another reason to fall in love with the Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed hand blender, it’s never been easier to maintain a healthy diet by blending fruit and vegetable smoothies or shakes, fresh nutritious soups, homemade sauces with no added salt or sugar for nutritious, tasty, filling, and best of all low calorie meals.

Don’t even question whether or not you will be full enough to keep from devouring the potato chips because you will be. Simply let the cool fruity or vegetable goodness slide down your throat, slowly until it’s gone.

Chances are you’ll be satisfied until your next meal rolls around, as the natural complex carbohydrates that are contained within natural foods will keep you full and full of energy. It’s a win-win. You’re eating less and satisfying your appetite. Pretty soon you’ll be looking and feeling like a new you. Don’t be surprised if others notice, too.

Conair Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC 200

Why not enthrall your friends, neighbors or coworkers when you offer them a delicious beverage that you whipped up in minutes. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what the rest of the world is saying here.

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