Master Art of Sushi

One of the amazing things about our big, wonderful world is the striking differences in cuisine from its different regions. One great example is sushi, a typical Japanese food. When the word “sushi” is mentioned, some people think of the popular game “Magic Sushi.” But that is not what we are discussing in this article. Here we are talking about Japanese sushi.

What is Sushi?

It is a Japanese food that is made with cooked rice spiced with vinegar and other ingredients such as tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood. Sushi is a dish that is usually served with white or brown rice. Soy sauce and ginger usually go well with sushi.

Emergence of Sushi

Historically, it is believed that sushi was first known in South East Asia and it was named for a word meaning “sour taste.” For the most part, sushi was called nare-zushi which is created with fish that has been wrapped in sour fermented rice. The food was actually named by Hanaya Yohei. As it was originally developed, sushi was a type of fast food and was not fermented.

Types of Sushi

As in India where they prepare rice in various ways, the Japanese also prepare different varieties of vinegar rice which all have the rice ingredient in common. Each of these varieties has a different kind of filling like toppings, condiments, spices and other fillings like these:

Chirashizushi – This is sushi rice that has vegetable garnishes and raw fish toppings. It is mainly enjoyed in March and uses the ingredients that are available at that time.

Inarizushi – This is sushi rice put into a pouch made from tofu and filled with sushi rice before being deep fried. This dish is prepared in different ways depending on the region and can include a filling of carrots and green beans along with the rice. After filling, it is then wrapped into the shape of triangle and is referred to as a Cone Sushi.

Narezushi – This sushi is traditional fermented sushi. It is prepared with fish that has been skinned and stuffed with salt and then stored in a wooden barrel after being soaked with more salt. After preparation, the sushi sits for several days and water slowly drains out and is removed. After about six months, it is ready to eat and it will stay good for another six months.

Oshizushi – This is another name for pressed Sushi and is especially loved in Osaka. When preparing this dish the bottom of the pan is lined with toppings and then covered with sushi rice. After that, the lid of the mold is firmly pressed down to make it compact. After that, the block is removed and then it is cut up into bite-sized pieces.

This article has a lot of information about this most famous of Japanese foods which is called sushi. It is so much fun to learn about the food habits of different countries around the world and the diverse ways in which they are prepared.