Sometimes it’s good not to follow the crowd.

the drink gallery koh samui restaurant chaweng beachEclectic by nature, artistic by character and thoroughly unique in style, The Library introduces a new restaurant concept, which whips together music, art and design in celebration of good food and the most fantastic drinks.

The newly-opened Drink Gallery seems to have stepped out of an extremely cosmopolitan city to suddenly grace the beach road in Chaweng. Vibrant and modern, it’s more of a chilled-out venue rather than being a self-conscious one. Step in and be welcomed by staff who are friendly and truly professional; they quickly appear when you need them but don’t hover.

The atmosphere is laid-back, and it’s hard not to relax here. Everything is spotlessly clean and the restaurant has a neat, uncluttered feel to it. The place is designed by The Library, which is situated just next door and is known for its minimalism and chic interiors. The Drink Gallery is less minimalistic, though most visitors will be immediately aware of its spaciousness. It must have one of the highest ceilings of any bar in Thailand – two stories high! A glass wall, meanwhile, all the hustle and bustle in the street. Outside there’s an enormous terrace where you can enjoy the night air.

The drinks menu is varied and strikingly original, thanks to Dhasan “Golffy” Prabhananda. He jokingly describes himself as a “mixultant” and says his inspiration comes mainly from the kitchen and from cooking. Many of his drinks are creative and uniquely blended. Try Jarhead – vodka mixed with mint, lime, apples and kiwi served in a mason jar, or Blushed – rum with watermelon, lime, vanilla caster sugar and fragrant Italian basil.

Drink Gallery opens for brunch at 11am and operates right till 1am. Food is dependably good, tasty and portions are ample. Signatures include Samui Rangoon, Roasted Garlic Ravioli and Seared Australian Veal Steak among others.

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