The Page at The Library SamuiContemporary, artistic, and unique—these words perfectly sums up The Page, the signature restaurant of the Library in Koh Samui. Following the edgy architecture and slickness of the resort’s concept, The Page is a highly favorable place to eat for those who want to enjoy carefully presented mouthwatering dishes while satiating their need for a modern dining atmosphere. They say that the more senses are involved whole eating, the better is the experience. At the Page, you won’t only satisfy your palate, but allow your eyes to have a feast as well. Considered to be one of Chaweng’s most fascinating restaurants, this is a highly recommended option for a memorable date or a meeting with a fellow art lover. The restaurant can also be a venue for private parties and different kinds of events.

To complement the restaurant’s posh setting, every dish is uniquely served and is considered to be an art in itself. Perfectly cooked and presented, the dishes are both visually and gastronomically satisfying. Food lovers are amazed by the technique and show of talent that are reflected in every element of the restaurant’s menu, making the Page a highly raved about dining place.

The restaurant’s gray colored façade sets a neutral tone that complements the red swimming pool—one of the fascinating features of the Library. Guests can choose to dine in the restaurant’s beautifully decorated areas. There’s the walk in wine cellar, the terrace restaurant, and the beachfront area. All these feature mesmerizing sea views and an elegant ambiance. Candle light adds a romantic touch to the whole place, while the well presented table setting make enjoying meals seem even grander.

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Prompt response and professional service are what you can expect from the Page. Every staff at the restaurant is attentive and is trained to make sure that your meal is perfect from start to finish.

The Page heartily promotes well nourished mornings with its Breakfast Culture. This is from 7-10:30 am. The way they do breakfast here is unique. You can have your morning meal right at the beach and on a mattress as you enjoy the restaurant’s menu of breads, coffee, cured meats, and so much more. This is definitely a sure-fire way to have a great morning. See and feel the first golden rays of sunshine as you gaze at the beauty of the Chaweng Beach.

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Tea lovers will certainly have a blast while at the resort since the Page also has its own tea time. Tea By the Sea will make your afternoon more interesting. Get to enjoy some of the world’s finest tea blends with The Page’s sumptuous selection of pastries, light sandwiches, and sweets.

the page koh samui restaurant

For couples who are interested in a romantic and intimate dinner under the blanket of stars, the Starlit Dinner Escapes is a must try. This is no ordinary dinner. This is a one of a kind evening meal that is perfectly set at the beach where you can gaze at the velvety night sky as you enjoy your customized menu.

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Some of The Page’s well received dishes are the Surf & Turf, Grilled Lobster, and Baked Sea Bass.

Contact: 077 422 767-8
Average cost per person: 1,200 Bt
House wine per bottle: 1,400/1,700 Bt
Credit cards: Visa, Master, Amex, JCB, Diner
Service & Tax: 7% and 10%
E-mail: [email protected]