noori indian restaurant koh samui

Variety in the dining scene is one of the great things about being in Koh Samui. Aside from traditional restaurants, dining places that cater to different world cuisines can be found on the island.
One particular noisemaker when it comes to Indian cuisine is Noori India. Rich, spicy, exotic, and very much Oriental, Indian food has captivated many food lovers and has influenced plenty of other cuisines and culinary techniques. At Noori India, you can savor the many amazing flavors of Indian cuisine.

best indian restaurant koh samuiThe geniuses behind Noori India are actually brothers. One is a very talented entrepreneur and one has immense experience in the hotel industry. Together, they created this restaurant and delighted many diners with the many dishes offered in their menu.

Noori India has a relaxed and casual ambience and is ideal for a meal with friends and family. The easy going manner in which the restaurant is run is quite comforting and allows guests to unwind and just enjoy great tasting dishes without too much formality. The place can be found in Chaweng. Noori India also does catering and offers party and events services.
A good way to get to know the menu of Noori India is to start with the Chef signature dishes. The lamb tawa is exceptional and is a well balanced dish that features well cooked lamb fragrant with the aromas of Indian herbs and spices. This dish is served on a hot plate for extra oomph. For vegans, the vegetable tawa is highly recommended. This is a mouthwatering meatless concoction that is also served on a hot plate.

indian restaurant chaweng beachSeafood lovers will certainly enjoy dining at Noori India as the restaurant’s seafood menu is impressive. There is so much to choose from. For those who can tolerate heat and want their dishes extra spicy, the shrimp vindaloo is a must try. Another popular seafood treat is the fish korma, which is fish cooked in spiced white sauce. This is rich and flavorful and is one of the memorable dishes on the menu. For another tasty treat, the prawn masala is also highly recommended.

Barbecue dishes are also very popular at Noori India. Tandoori dishes are known for their smokiness and simplicity. For people who can’t make up their minds and want to try a variety of tandoori favorites, a must try is the Noori Special Mixed Grill. All the tandoori specials are right here so you can sample them all and pick a favorite. The Chicken Afghani is packed with flavor as it is marinated for a good 6 hours before roasting. The meat is tender, juicy, and absolutely delish. The Paneer Tikka is a great way to enjoy the popular and tasty Indian cheese. This is very addictive and guaranteed that you’ll be back for more.

Of course, your experience at Noori India won’t be complete without trying out one of their desserts. Kheer Badami is as traditional as it can get. This is a yummy Indian rice pudding that is garnished with raisin and nuts.