1. Before cooking your grilled cheese, be sure that all of the ingredients are at room temperature first.

(Image credit: closetcooking.com)

Use softened butter for buttering your bread, since it is much easier to spread onto the bread before you cook it. You should also use room temperature cheese since it will melt a lot more evenly that way and you won’t have problems with burning the bread. It’s actually fairly simple, but using room temperature butter and cheese will help you make the ideal grilled cheese sandwich.

2. If you are making a dish that has raw onions in it, soak them first in cold water so that their pungency is reduced. The cold water will draw the sulfates out so that onions are more tolerable.

(Image credit: Christine Gallary)
(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

3. Use a dash of cinnamon and pinch of salt to upgrade your coffee.

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Add some cinnamon and a pinch of salt into your coffee grounds before you brew your coffee. The cinnamon will absolutely change your life and the salt helps to bring out the flavor and cut the bitterness.

4. Instead of water always cook with stock to improve richness and flavor.

(Image credit from left to right: thekitchn.com, thekitchn.com)
(Image credit: thekitchn.com)

Also use low-sodium stock, since that will let you control the flavor a lot more easily.

5. Use sea salt or Kosher salt instead of table salt.

(Image credit: doitdelicious.com)
(Image credit: doitdelicious.com)

The major difference between sea salt and kosher salt is size: Since Kosher is not processed as much it has larger crystals. Use sea salt with meat for a great flavor. The larger crystals help to improve taste and texture. In most cases, however, kosher salt will work the best since compared to table salt it is flakier, making it a lot easier to control. It is less expensive than sea salt as well.

6. Before you add juicy vegetables into a salad, salt them lightly to brighten the salad’s taste without making it too salty.

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When you salt your vegetables it brings out the excess water in them, so that they stay crunchy. That way your salad will be crunchy instead of soggy.

7. Use the velveting method to tenderize your meat. This involves using cornstarch and egg whites.

(Image credit from left to right: kitchenencounters.typepad.com, seriouseats.com)
(Image credit from left to right: kitchenencounters.typepad.com, seriouseats.com)

When you coat meat slices in egg whites and cornstarch it provides them with a very silky texture that isn’t ever too dry or too tough. When moisture on the outside part of the meat is preserved, it helps to keep the temperature down, which lowers your chances of over-cooking or burning the meat. Rice wine or rice vinegar can also be added to bring extra flavor out.

8. If you want to bake a perfect cake without having to use a recipe, the weight of the flour and sugar should be equal to each other and the fat and eggs should be equal.

(Image credit: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com)
(Image credit: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com)

Just keep in mind that the rule is in terms of weight and not volume. You don’t have to have an exact ratio for fat and eggs, but staying within the range of a 20% difference. You can use a kitchen scale to make it easier to do this.

9. Whenever you are making baked goods always add salt.

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You don’t want to add too much. However, half a teaspoon of salt can greatly enhance the flavors of the other spices and ingredient. Any kind of salt can be used – you just need to remember to add it in.

10. To round out flavors in your stew-like dishes and sauces, add a spoonful of mustard or peanut butter.

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To give your mac and cheese a good kick, add a dab of mustard to it. Add some peanut butter to help thinking a stew, and provide with a delicious and mysterious flavor.

Article Source: buzzfeed.com