Just like its namesake that is highly valued in the culinary world, Saffron Restaurant is among the most highly revered restaurants on the island. The signature dining place of Banyan Tree, Saffron is all about authentic Thai flavors and cozy Asian atmosphere. With amazing views of Lamai, this place combines great food with gorgeous panorama and is a much talked about venue where one can savor the true flavors that made Thai cuisine world famous.

Best Thai Food Koh Samui

Saffron offers guests a sophisticated but very homey setting for a memorable dining experience on the island. The contrast of light and dark neutral colors, the yellow tinged lighting, the floor to ceiling windows, and the elegant décor will make anyone feel more in the mood to indulge the palate. Even when you opt to eat outside at the terrace, you will be rewarded with the best views of the beach. Tall tropical trees, the sand, and the tranquil waters, all add to the experience.

saffron banyan tree samui

The restaurant is located 10 minutes away from Chaweng and is set right at the resort’s prime spot, which is amidst a beautiful tropical garden. The elevated position of the restaurant makes it a wonderful vantage point for enjoying the lush scenery of the island. The traditional architecture that has been observed here is truly captivating. Every inch of the restaurant is impressive, but its walls that feature classically designed drawers will be the one that will capture your attention the most. Classy and refined, Saffron delivers when it comes to aesthetics.

Saffron at Banyan Tree Samui - Best Thai Restaurant in Koh Samui

Purely and truly a restaurant dedicated to traditional Thai flavors, here you can find the best local food. The flavors are amazing and the preparation is impressive and shows traditional techniques.

Only the freshest local ingredients are used to prepare each dish so every bite leaves an impression. Among the strengths of the menu are the curry based dishes, the seafood offerings, and the soups.


Saffron Restaurant Koh Samui

The menu is comprehensive and features well loved classics such as Phad Thai and Tom Yum Goong. Their rice dishes are particularly filling, while a number of their desserts feature a European twist. There are many outstanding choices in Saffron’s menu and surely, everyone can find an instant favorite. The Ped Yang Makham or the glazed roasted duck breast is perfectly cooked, is juicy, and is an incredible offering. The Thai Barbecue Curried Chicken is another hit that you simply can’t miss.

Best Thai Restaurant Koh Samui

Desserts are a part of every great meal and Saffron has plenty to offer those with a sweet tooth. The traditional fave Thub Thim Krob or jasmine flavored crispy water chestnut served with yummy coconut ice cream deserves praise. The restaurant’s coconut crème brûlée made more Asian with ginger is also worth trying.

saffron restaurant samui banyan tree resort

Saffron is easily one of the premier restaurants on the island. Guests will have a wonderful time enjoying the menu of well cooked Thai food and the comforting feel of the restaurant. This is a perfect place for a romantic dinner date or a family gathering.

Menu Sample

01. Khong Wang Ruam – A Selection of Freshly Prepared Thai Appetizers for Two Crisp Rice Noodle Wrapped Prawn, Grilled Tender Beef Satay, Tender Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf, Banana Blossom-Prawn Salad – 900 Bt
02. Goong Sarong Beua Thod – Crisp Rice Noodle Wrapped Prawn, Fried Pepper Leaf, Sweet Mango Chili Sauce – 490 Bt
03. Larb Tuna – Spicy Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar, Crisp Craker, String Bean and Cucumber
Salad – 490 Bt
04. Yum Hua Plee Goong – Banana Blossom Salad , Grilled Marinated Prawns, Fried Banana Flower, Coconut Dressing – 490 Bt
05. Gai Yang Khreuang Gaeng – Thai Barbecue Curried Chicken, Papaya Salad –
680 Bt
06. Khao Phad Saffron – Wok Tossed Saffron Rice, Seafood, Vegetables, Crispy Dried Shrimp Classic Flavour – 650 Bt

For reservations, call 077 915 333 or email [email protected]