Chef Chom’s was named after Chef Chom who was previously a chef in the Thai Royal household and has trained over 500 chefs and cooks in her illustrious career. Chef Chom’s serves traditional Thai cuisine that is authentic to four main regions of Thailand; North, North Eastern, Central, and South. Only the highest quality of ingredients is chosen, presented in an eclectic style that takes inspiration from key parts of the country.

Best Thai Restaurant Koh Samui

Menu Sample

  • Mee Krob – Crispy deep-fried rice noodles coated with a sweet-and-sour sauce, with prawns, chicken & fried tofu
  • Nua Naam Tok – Grilled Australian beef salad mixed with Thai herbs (lemongrass, mint leaves, saw-leaf, cilantro, and hot chilies). Enhanced with fish sauce, toasted rice powder and lime.
  • Phad Ped Goong Sa Tor – Spicy stir-fry prawns, broad beans & red curry paste
  • Tongsai Thai Salad – Grilled prawns, calamari, tropical fruits with roasted peanut & cashew nuts
  • Gai Pad Med Mamuang – Stir fried chicken with dried chili & cashew nuts
  • Kaeng Phed Ped Yang Lychee – Red curry with roasted duck & lychee

Contact: 077 245 480
Average cost per person: 900 Baht
House wine per bottle: 1,200 Baht
Credit card: Visa, Master, Amex
Service & Tax: 7% Tax and 10% service charge
Open from: 19:00 Last order 22:00
Entertainment: Live Thai Classical Music & Dance on Saturday’s.