Chef Chom’s was named after ‘the’ Chef Chom who was previously a Chef in the Thai Royal household and has trained over 500 chefs and cooks her illustrious career. After many years at The Tongsai Bay she has handed the skills of traditional Thai cuisine down to our current Chef Chom’s kitchen brigade lead by Executive Chef Eak, Thanawut Chaiwanwut.

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Geographically, Thais generally divide Thailand into four distinct regions:
North (Nhua), North Eastern (Issarn), Central (Klang) and the South (Dtai). The diversity of climate and topography from the temperate North to the tropical South is vast and therefore the abundance of different produce drives distinct styles and flavors from each region.

Traditionally the dishes of the North with its plentiful forests, game and favorable conditions leads to less extreme flavours then the other three regions, however, spicy is still in full force.

Central Thailand with its influence of Bangkok, Royal Thai cuisine and delta country dominated by the Chao Phraya River and rich soil offers the style of cooking that most foreigners are accustomed with.

North Eastern food is very spicy but balanced with earthy herbs and due to the lack of variety of produce; a small amount of food is eaten with larger quantities of rice.

Here in the South, if you dare – take a step off the tourist track and you will quickly discover by the local Thai cuisine that Koh Samui is certainly part of Southern Thailand. Prior to refrigeration, the extreme warm weather of the tropical South dictated food ingredients for longevity of storage. Therefore the Southern traditional characteristics of food often involve red hot chili spice and fermented or sundried products.

The focus of Chef Chom’s is to provide traditional Thai cuisine that is authentic to the region in which it originated whilst using the highest quality of ingredients, presented in an eclectic style that draws on different flavors throughout the whole of Thailand.

Menu Sample

01. Chef Chom’s Platter – include 5 combination of – Spring rolls of marinated whole prawns , minced pork served with a combination of plum & sweet chili sauce

  • Marinated & char grilled chicken, pork, beef skewers served with peanut sauce, cucumber pickle
  • Rice flour sheet sacks stuff with minced silver prawns
  • Cha ploo leaf with roasted coconut flakes, dry shrimp, peanut, ginger& lime topped with sweet tamarind sauce
  • Grilled prawns & squid with mixed young green mango, red yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato, roasted peanut & cashew nut with our Tongsai award winning dressing

02. Nam Prik Goong Sieb – Dried shrimp paste with fresh vegetable
03. Kai Tom Kamin – Chicken in turmeric clear soup
04. Tongsai Thai Salad – Grilled prawns, calamari, tropical fruits with roasted peanut and cashew nuts.
05. Kao Yum Pak Tai – Jasmine rice with roasted coconut, dried shrimp, lemongrass, bean sprouts, pomelo & green mango

Contact: +6677 913-750
Average cost per person: 900 Baht
House wine per bottle: 1,200 Baht
Credit card: Visa, Master, Amex
Service & Tax: 7% Tax and 10% service charge
Open from: 19:00 Last order 22:00
Entertainment: Live Thai Classical Music & Dance on Saturday’s.